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Established In 2009 under the wing of the  METHWOLD  COMMUNITY ACTION GROUP

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       2010 saw the passing of one very active local historian and life long Methwold man in John Younge. John’s family have lived in the area for hundreds of years and as a local character he is now sadly missed by family, friends and residents alike.

We are delighted and proud to have acquired a number of John’s items for our collection and in a recent ceremony we renamed the whole MHG collection in his honour. So we now house, care for and are continuing to build the “John Younge Archive”


       As a group of Methwold residents old and new we formed in 2009 as the MHG we are interested in all aspects of the local parish area’s history. We are extremely active in busy collecting and building a much treasured archive of anything connected with Methwold’s colourfull and fascinating past.

       In just a short time we are delighted to have built a wonderful collection of documents and artifacts. Many given and donated by the local people wishing them to be conserved for the future generations.

We are very lucky to be in a parish of Norfolk and the UK that has such and interesting past with evidence going back to early Neolithic inhabitants and the group has some very keen historians as members, many with their own collections of local finds.

      Through both personal and family generous donations we have acquired a number of collections to add to our archive. This include Roman pottery and tiles, flint/stoneage field finds, early photographs and even tools and farming implements.

The John Younge Archive