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Established In 2009 under the wing of the  METHWOLD  COMMUNITY ACTION GROUP

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These Pictures Are For Illustration Only & Are Not Methwold Traders

These Pictures Are For Illustration Only & Are Not Methwold Traders

The Crowds at MHG’s 2010 RAF Methwold Exhibition

St. George’s Hall, High Street, Methwold

Traditionally Methwold sees a fair bit of activity on August Bank Holiday Monday. In the past this has include Fete’s Carnivals, Boot Fairs, Craft Fairs along with the village’s Monday market and the odd Jumble Sale.

From the day of our formation in 2009 we have wanted to share our collection and interest in local history with all interested local people. So, we decided to hold a regular exhibition on the August bank holiday to do just that.

For our first show we used the Fenton Room in the St. George’s Hall complex and visitors were greeted with array of tables displaying documents and just a selection of our ever growing old photo collection. We’d also had a number of these photos enlarged giving a real exhibition feel to the room. A short 15 minute film was produced giving a brief history of the village. This gave a central focus to the room and was run on a loop throughout the day.

So delighted were we at the response to this first exhibition we immediately began plans for the 2010 follow up.

RAF Methwold was chosen as a theme for our 2010 show and through the year a number of the members also put a lot of work into preparing a booklet to accompany the topic. This turned into a quite a project and we went on to use the whole of St. George’s Hall to layout our final work. Again a film was put together by DTKM which told the story of the Airfield and it’s operational years. Boy, what an atmosphere there was on the day and the hall saw a constant stream of local and not so local visitors.

2011 saw us back in the hall again, this year with a broader based exhibition of our ever growing archive, a selection of mystery objects which caused some laughter plus a feature on the trades and business’s that have been and gone in the parish over the years.

After a lot of work  from members of the group, our 2011 Shops & Businesses of The Past Exhibition

St. George’s Hall, High Street, Methwold was deemed another great success! May we also thank everyone in attendance for their kind contributions which will all help maintain and build the archive for future generations of Methwold residents !!!!