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Matelwalde / Methelwalde: King's land, in the charge of William de Noyers; William de Warenne and Simon and Walter from him. 2½ mills, 7 fisheries, 27 beehives. 800 sheep, 12 cattle.


Domesday Project

Below we show a window to an external site and project dedicated to the free access to the translation and availability of text from the Domesday book. The project was started in 2010 and is ongoing. For now we show details listing Methwold’s entry and useful links to further information. We show this but have no control over its content.



Grimshoe Hundred (Translation)

Methwold was held by Stigand [as] 20 carucates of land TRE. Then [there were] 28 villans, afterwards 24,

now 18. Then [there were] 4 bordars, afterwards 8, now 13; there have always been 24 slaves [and] 30

acres of meadow; then [there were] 6 ploughs in demesne, afterwards and now 5. Then [there were] 23

ploughs belonging to the men, afterwards 13, now 7; there have always been 2½ mills, 7 fisheries in

demesne, 4 horses, 12 head of cattle, 84 pigs, 800 sheep [and] 27 beehives. To this a berewick,

Weeting , has always belonged; there have always been 3 villans and 1 bordar and 3 slaves and 1 acre of

meadow. Then [there were] 2 ploughs in demesne, afterwards and now 1; then [there was] 1 plough

belonging to the men; then as now [there were] 2 horses.

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A look at Methwold’s Entry in an history exercise in 1985

In 1985 an interesting exercise was carried out where villages and towns were encouraged to submit an entry for their areas at the time. This has recently been published on the net by the BBC so we thought we’d post a link.